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Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • Anti-Ageing Benefits :Old Tree Sandalwood Essential Oil Is High In Antioxidants That Can Help Reduce Damage Caused By Free Radicals, Which Promote Aging. Try Adding 5 Drops Of Sandalwood Oil To An Unscented Lotion And Applying It Directly To The Face For Anti-Aging Benefits.
  • Use For Aromatherapy : You May Already Be Familiar With The Therapeutic Properties Of Other Essential Oils, Each One Carrying Its Own Unique Benefit, And Sandalwood Is No Different. Aromatherapy, Also Called Essential Oil Therapy, Is The Practice Of Using Oils For Their Health Benefits. Generally, Oils Are Inhaled, Sprayed In The Air, Massaged Into The Skin
  • Use For Skin Care : Old Tree Sandalwood Essential Oil Is Frequently Used As A Skin Care Product And Is Especially Useful When Mixed With A Base Oil To Treat Dry Skin.